Mission & Vision

New York City Relief leads an army of 7,000 volunteers into the poverty stricken areas of New York City and New Jersey, taking poverty, addiction, and despair head on by bringing relief and compassion to those falling through the cracks of society. Shelter, medical care, addiction recovery and job training are lifelines to many who are sinking. Their strategy is compassion and their mission is life transformation.

Our Involvement

In support of NYC Relief’s life-changing work, Servant’s Heart remodeled their headquarters to facilitate their expansion through a number of projects, including the construction of several offices, kitchens, and conference rooms.

By the Numbers

Year’s Served: 6

Number of Projects: 3

Including: headquarters, dorms, office

Total SHM Savings: $4,025,000*

* through free labor, free/discounted materials, free/discounted professional services