Teaching Team

Executive Director, Servant’s Heart Ministry

John Oostdyk

Executive Director

John stepped into the role of Executive Director of Servant’s Heart Ministry in 2010, after serving for 20 years with the ministry. Having grown up with an exposure to all the key trades, he’s worked on service projects since 11 years old and flipped houses with his dad for 6 years. The vision for the Workmanship Program has been about three years coming, and now that it’s here, John’s exercising his passion for training young people.

President/Contractor, Dykhouse Construction Company

Larry Dykhouse Jr.

CPM, Course Lead

Larry Dykhouse, a 2nd generation carpenter by trade, has been honing his craft full time for the last 25 years. Passed down from his father and strengthened in his year at SUNY Delhi, Larry’s passion for carpentry radiates from him with every lesson he teaches. We’re grateful to have such a competent and passionate craftsman committed to training and mentoring our students.

Construction Manager, Servant’s Heart Ministry

David Justnes

CPM, Lead Instructor

David is passionate about teaching construction to those who are eager to learn and employing the spirit of service. When volunteering as an instructor for our Workmanship Program, the Lord tugged David’s heart to join the Servant’s Heart team full-time. He believes that the Lord has prepared him through his diverse work experiences to carry out his new role as Construction Manager with excellence

Assistant VP of Civil Engineering, LAN Associates

Erik Boe

CPM, Architecture

Erik has been serving with Servant’s Heart from its start, sitting on the board for the last six years. He’s now using his 19 years of experience working as a civil engineer to co-lead the first class, where students are introduced to the critical path method, the key players that make up the construction industry, and the design process. Erik makes teaching look easy with his ability to break down complex topics in a way that our students can understand and learn. We’re lucky to have him.

Assistant VP of Architecture, LAN Associates

Matt Wolfe

CPM, Engineering

Matt has joined our team of instructors to co-lead our Introduction to Construction class, using his 14 years of work experience as an architect in both the residential and commercial sector. Matt is passionate about using his professional abilities to make a difference and is excited about the opportunity to serve locally.

Owner/Mason, Capstone Construction

John Porcelli

CPM, Masonry

John has been working as a mason for 31 years, running his own business for 16 years and serving with Servant’s Heart over the last 5 years. We’re grateful to have John’s masonry expertise and heart for serving in the classroom. John sees a need for skilled workers and is passionate about giving opportunities to the next generation.

Mason, Retired

Ed Kruithof

CPM, Masonry

The second mason on our instructor team, Ed, is sharing 42 years of knowledge he’s acquired working as a mason. Now retired, he does masonry work with his brother and serves with Servant’s Heart on his off time.

Electrician, Jeff Borst Electrical

Tony Dedrick

CPM, Electrical

Tony is one of two electricians who is leading our 3 electrical classes. He comes with 40 years experience as an electrician, including 16 years owning his own business. Tony joined our team of instructors because he loves the work he does, sees the need for more tradesmen, and is excited to pass along knowledge to the next generation.

Project Manager, Servant’s Heart Ministry

Tim Braunlin

CPM, Electrical

In October 2016, Tim joined our team full time, bringing his diverse background and set of skills with him. Years of working in facilities maintenance at a church, camp, and missions organization has brought him unique problem solving experience, which he uses daily on our projects.

Project Manager, Servant’s Heart Ministry

Stan Hankinson

CPM, Plumbing

After 40 years of working as a plumber, 8 of those years serving with Servant’s Heart Ministry, Stan joined our staff full time. He’s an incredible asset to our team with his diverse experience in construction, including roofing, siding, cabinetry, and mechanics, as well as his passion for serving and pouring into the next generation.

Andy Tyler

Tile, Course Lead

Andy spent the majority of his career in sales, 15 of those years working for the wholesale division of Wayne Tile. Although he loved his job and the company, he felt God had another plan, which lead him to launch an agriculture start-up with a partner in Haiti. Unfortunately, Covid derailed the launch, leading to an unexpected year of homeschooling, leading youth, and working at a local farm. Little did he know, his previous boss at Wayne tile would connect him to what he’s doing now at SHM: spearheading Workmanship’s tile course. We believe the Lord’s timing was perfect for Andy to come on board and help get this new program running.

In Andy’s spare time he loves mountain biking and fishing with his kids and getting out on the water in any way possible.